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other options

Recently I completed SOCMSSC and we spent some time discussing the various options for dealing junctional bleeds. Within our group we played with the CroC, JETT,the SAM junctional Tournequet, and one in our group showed us something he improvised.

Among the commercial devices we had the opportunity to play with and discuss the consensus in our group was that the SAM JT was the quickest to deploy and the most versatile, as the belt that it comes with can be used as a pelvic splint and the two inflatable pressure cones can be used anywhere with other bandages to make very effective pressure dressings almost anywhere you need. Once my Med order is filled I will have a SAM JT in all of my truck bags.

the improvised option I saw is simple very cheap and all the items you already have in your aid bag.
-2 TQs (we used SOF-tt)
-1/2 sam splints

-connect the two TQs together to form 1 big TQ ( more if you have a fat PT)
- roll the SAM splint up tightly and wrap it abound the TQ where you need to control the hemorrhage (device is made)
- now use the tourniquets just like if you had an extremity bleed with the SAM becoming a pressure dressing.
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