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First on scene to a 32 y/o Female with multiple stab wounds to chest and back. PT is combative and bleeding profusely. Once we got PT into back of truck we exposed her and found a wound to left upper chest and neck just above sternal notch, with free air moving in and out of chest wound. PT complaining of having a hard time breathing. 3 side occlusive dressing placed. 2 large bore IV's placed. Fluid challenge with .9 NS started as she had no radials at the time. PT did say it was easier to breathe once we got dressing on. PT was maintaining her own airway at time. By the time we made it out of the apartment complex PT arrested. ACLS protocols followed on rest of way to trauma center. PT pronounced DOA at ER. Autopsy noted aorta and lung laceration. PT bled out before we could get her to OR.

Hope this helps.

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