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my kit

2x CAT tourniquets (amputations)
1x M2 ratchet style tourniquet ( easier to apply, tougher than cat; prob replace cats with 2 more of these, or the sof-t)
2x H&H compressed gauze (wound packing/dressing)
1x civilian compression bandage similar to Israeli (pressure dressing)
1x Israeli bandage (pressure dressing/improvised tq)
2x opa's (keep patent airway / bite block; 2 in case u loose one)
2x npa's (keep patent airway / can be used for cric)
2x 14ga needles (chest decompression / also can be scalpel for cric)
3x asherman chest seals (sucking chest wound)
4x petroleum gauze (sucking chest/exit wound , shrapnel to the thorax)
1x quick clot powder (better to have and not need than need and not have)
1x quick clot sponge "
1x celox "
1x IV starter kit 18ga, alcohol prep, op-site, 10cc flush
1x roll tape
1x scissors
1x pen light
1x sharpie

then of course still have my med pouched and aid bag ect, but I figure if i need any more than that I'm f'd.. advise, recommendations, critics welcome.
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