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okay, so what is the utility of the self adhering ace (and in 2 sizes), the xeroform is used for what, 14G 2.5 inch caths for what? (they wouldn't make it into the Reapers offense TR, just the truth.

The ace is used in combination with the ABD, gauze, or kerlex to create a pressure dressing. I like the 6 for arm and leg coverage, but I prefer the 3 for heads, hands, and feet. I also like the Ace for the splinting of ankles, used in conjunction with either a SAM or a stick, it covers the R and C in RICE therapy (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation). I prefer the self adhering model so I am not relying on little metal clips or tape.
The xeroform is used with the ACS. For multiple penetrating injury to one side of the chest the ACS can be used to occlude the wound allowing the most air passage, and the xeroform can be used to seal the other holes. While I know that history shows us the wrapper or plastic wrap can be used as an occlusive, I think the semi-adherent nature of the xeroform makes it more suited for this purpose.
I like the shorter IV caths because they can also be used for peripheral IV access, and I feel the 3 models give a lot of resistance when you try to advance the catheter when used for this purpose. The deciding factor would be if a 2.5 angiocath could reliably decompress a chest when inserted into the 5th or 6th intercostal space on the midaxilary line, where you would encounter less mass.
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