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Originally Posted by The Reaper View Post
Our progress in becoming a nation of the offended is nearly complete.

After stints at prominent law firms in both New York City and Washington D.C., Mikey served as the first General Counsel to Texas billionaire and two-time Presidential candidate H. Ross Perot and Perot Systems Corporation. He left Mr. Perot’s employ in 2006 to focus his fulltime attention on the nonprofit charitable foundation he founded to directly battle the far-right militant radical evangelical religious fundamentalists: the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. (

And like many in the NOT 4 Profit Industry Mikey probably receives ample compensation for their so-called philanthropic work.

The funny thing is he doesn't say much about Radical Islam, his focus is Christianity.....I am guessing the Anti-Christian donor pool is far larger and far less life threatening.


About CAIR though, you’ve made some very ill-informed claims. They actually do preach tolerance, and loudly! This is why they are our allies. They support equal treatment of all US citizens, regardless of their religious allegiance. You’ve also made the claim that they support a “fake fantage religion, that is satanic.” No one could begin to argue that their religion is fake. It has more adherents than yours. While I’m not a believer of any of the religions that are causing you such severe indigestion, your argument that Islam is “fake” is hardly one coming from a person well versed in world religions. As for it being a satanic religion…well, you’ve jumped ship altogether there. The Islamic tradition does not worship or support Satan. They’re actually on your team as far as that character goes. Not friendly to the guy at all.


Blake A. Page
Military Religious Freedom Foundation
Special Assistant to the President
Director of West Point Affairs

And who is Blake Page....

Here is an interview with Mikey:

About four or five months later, I was at the Academy for a conference, when my younger son (who had just finished the arduous one-month combat survival training) asked me if it would be possible to sit down and talk. It was June 29, 2004, and he was very troubled. He told me he had been called a "fucking Jew," and that he and the Jewish people had total complicity in the execution of Jesus Christ by numerous people up and down the chain of command at numerous places around the Academy.

I took that back to the administration and told them to fix this or I would go to war. I gave them a few months, and then I went to war against them. I’ve been at war against them ever since, in late November 2004.
So his son was called a nasty name and Mikey took it upon himself to go to war against Christianity.

From Allen West:

Obama’s conviction believes Mikey Weinstein of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, an oxymoronic title, must be allowed to castigate as seditious and treasonous the Christians in the military who profess their faith and to condemn them of categorically enacting “spiritual rape.”
When a man dies, if nothing is written, he is soon forgotten.

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