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Originally Posted by bblhead672 View Post
I think its going to be an interesting post season contest this year.

Surprising to see the Cubs eliminated.
Agree on the first thing, which I'll only be hearing about because of my whereabouts.

Someone who really followed the Cubs saw this coming for quite awhile this year. Starting pitching, even when able to cruise through 6-7 innings, can't take back the 3 runs they gave up in the first 2 innings - happened alot. And the bullpen was so "which version of him are we going to see today?" they were never going to really hold against someone who was continuing to move forward. They stayed where they were on the track, with no progress really since mid-late summer and the Brewers kept going. When you stand still then, as Mr. Miyagi say, "Squoosh! Just like grape." Wish the Brewers the best, they earned it the old fashioned way, now let's see if they can make it stick.

We'll see who's around next Spring in Mesa...

That little bit of extra time for other stuff now, like I wish my buddy's lessee would get his crops out soon so I can place some targets wayyyyyy out there.
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