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Our team uses the 1700 long cases (I'm pretty sure that is the model number but I'd have to check) for everything but the HMG's and they work out really well.

Each team member has a box and when we deploy, go TDY, run SFAUC, etc we put all our sensitive items in our individual box: M-4, M-9, PRC-148, NVG's, GPS, suppressor, short barrel, IZLID, etc. Accountability is easy because we keep 2062's taped to the inside of the lid. Every once in awhile a case will crack or something, but it is few and far between and IMHO it's worth it to enable each guy to have his own box and be responsible for his own stuff.

The sniper weapon systems, SAWs and 240's have their own cases also. Can't keep the tripods in there but still, its nice. We like these because they have wheels and are thin, so they are easy to stack / move.
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