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I know as the warrant officers on the teams you guys stay for a long time and provide the longevity for the teams, so I wanted to ask any of you a question. With the experience and expertise you have I am hoping to be able to pick your brains to benefit my team and keep us from trying to reinvent the wheel. On a JCET mission what is your teams' COC gear list? How do you set up your COC? How do you organize and make your COC/Tracking/Intel/Log boards? How many toughbooks do you use for your COC? Right now for the COC admin gear I have bought us a tacklebox for all the small shit (i.e. paper clips, highlighters, staplers, pens, pencils, etc) to keep all of that together and organized. I am looking for any ideas and lessons learned running/organizing the COC. I am also wanting to know what you take downrange as your COC gear list. I appreciate all your time and help in this matter. Thanks. Shawn
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