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Geeze, is it really that bad? I'm over here in the Far East right now so I don't get a real "temperature" reading of the United States. My folks aren't good information sources as they are out of the "lines of drift" if anything bad happens in the cities.

The news is so biased it just gets headline type stories so I don't read into them. From your on the ground report, in your area, is it, honest to God (or self if so inclined), that worrisome?

There isn't much I can think of that I can do here where I'm at. I have a supply of food, water, fuel, etc for natural disasters. However, if things were to collapse like the Soviet Union did, my family and I will be in a world of hurt over here. All preps, supplies, weapons, ammo, etc are back home in the states.

Thoughts/advice if you were in my shoes with the limited information I gave you. My parents are pretty self sufficient and very open to receiving supplies.

My gut says my family and I are okay, but is that complacency bias setting in?
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