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Originally Posted by PSM View Post

Can I get an update on your Kohler? After almost 4 years off-grid, I've finally decided to add an automatic gennie. The 8kw LP Kohler is what the solar guy is recommending and it seems to fit the bill. Ours is going to be dual purpose, auto charge if the batts drop below a certain voltage, and whole house if we need to service the solar system. We are using a Generac portable now but I know nothing about the Kohlers except what he said and the online reviews.

We have only had one total shut down of the solar system plus two precautionary manual switchovers so it's just precautionary. This year has been touchy, though, because we have had many overcast days which is very unusual.


The Kohler continues to run well and provide seamless power, on a ten-second delay.

I concur with your solar guy, as most people do not consider what they are going to do when they need power and the sun is not out or it has been a cloudy several days, or the winter sun is not enough for your needs.

The eight KW Kohler should be a good way to meet sudden needs, deal with larger requirements, or to recharge the battery bank after depletion when solar is not adequate to meet those demands.

I have changed the oil in mine to synthetic, added a better oil filter, and have run it on exercise every week. It has run on outages as long as eight hours without any difficulty. I have close to 100 hours on it now and am very satisfied.

Just be aware that it is going to burn a gallon or so of propane every hour it is on, so if you are all charged up and have no immediate demands, turn it off.

Hope that helps.

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