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I keep two pouches on my vest, simply because if you carry the aid bag around out here, youre a definite target. I do my best to look just like my tankers, so I also hand out extra supplies to them, in the way of tourniquets and shears and many other things. Im trying to get my hands on an M9 bag, but until then, Ill continue to dream.

My first pouch is pretty much dedicated to airway:
3 Ashermen Chest Seals
3 packs of Petroleum gauze
3 3.25" 14GA
3 Large McDonald's bendy Straws (Because a full cric kit is too big for this particular pouch)
3 Large Tegaderms
1 Pocket Mask
1 Scalpel
1 Body marker
1 roll of 1/2" tape
and a butt load of alcohol pads

My second pouch is more or less focused on hemorrhage control:
3 ETB's
3 packs of Combat Gauze
3 6" ACE Bandages
3 packs of compressed Gauze

And I have 2 CAT's and 1 SOF Tourniquet on my vest, along with another roll of 1/2" tape and of course my trauma shears. Also, a laminated 9-Line is folded to fit right under my helmet band, just in case I need it for some reason.
"The smart man knows a bandage only hides his wounds."

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