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Originally Posted by doctom54 View Post
As a 91B4S at one time and a physician I would say that paracord makes a lousy tourniquet . It is narrow. The wider the better when it comes to a tourniquet. Even with a stick is is hard to get sufficient pressure to stop arterial flow on a limb. Probably would work on a finger.
Read the highlighted comment again! Any TQ that I would carry would be a minimum of 1.5 inches and 2 would be better. Much wider and they become too big to carry and tighten (for a combat TQ)(also if one doesn't stop the bleed and you have two place a second one above the first to make a wider TQ... i.e. on a femoral bleed). As was said your paracord aka shoelace causes A LOT of pain and doesn't stop the bleeding, you would be better to use your shirt in an emergency. Always carry a cravat and you can fold it to be 2 inches wide. There are a ton of aftermarket TQs that work great. Research these as there are a lot of fakes and crappy TQs out there. There is a lot of info on this site about them.

If Quick Clot is all you can get, that will work in a pinch, but not preferred.
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