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1. Gloves (PPE)
2. Nasal Airway 7.0 (secure Airway)
3. (2) large safety pins (secure bandage, sling, or to secure airway in a pinch)
4. 14 ga or larger 3” catheter (needle drill)
5. Cinch Tight “H” bandage (large bandage)
6. (2) Cinch Tight priMed gauze roll (smaller vaccum sealed Kerlix)
7. Duct tape (no kit is complete without it)
8. Quick Clot, HemCon, or TraumaDex as you prefer (duh)
9. Tourniquet SOFT-T(there should also be a minimum of 1 more on the soldiers centerline which he can get to with either hand (2 is 1; 1 is none)
10. Pill Pack (Mobic 15mg, Acetaminophen 1000mg, and Gatafloxacin 400mg)
11. Chest seals (Package from item 5 & 6 can be used for occlusive dressings along with duct tape thus saving weight and space)

I think that about covers it.

I am rethinking what I am having my guys carry. There may be changes to this list as I test out a few newer bandages...

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