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6 self adhering ACE
3 self adhering ACE
Asherman Chest Seal
Xeroform dressing
2 ABD pads
5 pack of sterile 4X4 gauze
6 Kerlex
14 ga. Angiocath 2.5 length
100 ml Saline eyewash
2 pr. Large gloves
2 roll Durapore
10 blade scalpel
32 fr NPA
Packet surgilube (taped to npa)
In a perfect world a Benchmade Rescue 5, but a pair of trauma shears will do
2 safety pins
All of this fits in a large ziplock, which will fit in a BDU pants pocket.
The kit can be chopped down to fit in a 1 qt canteen pouch, which would contain the 6 ACE, the Kerlex, the ACS, one ABD pad, The 14 ga. IV cath, the eyewash bottle, the gloves, tape, and the NPA with lube.
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