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OKAY on the real side now...

First off in all side pockets (arms & Legs pockets) 1ea CAT or SOFT Tourniquets; 5 total with one in Chest area. If I'm driving the lead V... I have 1 to 2 ea on my legs (Thighs) if needed, road IED threat. GMVs, M1114s get smokey FAST.

I go for something on side of my kit, waist level. What my Tm Medic hands out. Something along these lines.

2ea "Isreali" Fld Dressings
2ea kerlix gauze
2ea Chest Dressing
2ea Non-latex gloves
1ea Pill Pack
1ea 3" roll coban gauze
1ea 4" Elastic (ACE) Bandage
1ea Medical Shears (not in IFAK, I carry it center of chest area)
1ea Pk Petroleum gauze
1ea one 28fr nasopharyngeal airway with lubricant packet
1ea hemostatic gauze Pk
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