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Rolex watch GMT sold for $143.00 in the PX on Okinawa in 1964. I bought a ladies Rolex Oyster Perpetual for my wife for $125.00 She still has it, But, She had it engraved & it has almost no resale value...Still have my GMT, send it to Rolex in New York @ every 5 to 6 years for maintenance they clean, oil and replace parts that are worn e g. the crystal and they certify that it will not lose 3 seconds in 1 year. How would you know??? Also the date has to be adjusted for the month's that do not have 31 days. The I- phone is probably more accurate & you DO NOT have to adjust it. The Rolex company in Switzerland has created a "cult" with their watches, e g. Sir Edmund Hillary submitted Mt. Everest wearing a Rolex watch given to him by Rolex which they now have in their museum; Jack Nicklaus was given a solid gold Rolex in 1966 as a gift beginning in 1967 when the watch was delivered to him, for more than 50 years after the Rolex went with him. It was in his possession when he captured the last 12 of his 18 major titles. Nicklaus will put the watch up for auction after it completes a world tour. The opening bid is Dec.10 in New York.
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