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Originally Posted by WarriorDiplomat View Post
The 18B needs to understand, Leadership, U.S. weapons, Marksmanship principles, tactics, defense, and equally important foreign tactics and weapon capabilities. IMHO a basic understanding of psychology and motivating factors. As a Weapons Sgt you will spend more time with indig than anyone else and will hear atmospherics daily that should end up in the daily sitrep.
Heck for me, I felt all of these were the JOB of everyone on the SFODA. I would argue with 18B and ODA members that "Didn't we all go through Small Unit Tactics (SUT)? So why can't or shouldn't we all know SUT TTPs and be able to teach them?" I argument was that "Are we not a ODA that can break down into 3-4 man Split teams to Command and Control (C2) Indigenous forces?
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