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Originally Posted by FearMonkey View Post
I've never seen that pattern used in my entire life - downrange or otherwise. That being said, we always managed to find a local that was handy with a needle who would work for cheap on every deployment and in every theater. It's very common to take advantage of that asset, and I've seen countless customized uniforms, combat shirts, and equipment over the years.

In conclusion... maybe? In my opinion, the tell tale sign of downrange use would be if it looks well worn. I have many customized uniforms, but I don't have any that aren't beat to hell. Good luck.
Originally Posted by TOMAHAWK9521 View Post
Off the top of my head, this looks like it was made for MILSIM/paint ball purposes. That, or else the user wanted to adopt an "operator" look to their hunting apparel, which the original manufacturer copied after the old BDU template. The 4x4 swatches of black pile tape on each pocket indicate either a limited budget (completely understandable) or zero field experience and a lack of understanding about camo.

Thanks for the input on this.
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