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I am ecstatic with the feedback so far. I know some of you were wondering if I would be able possibly build you one but, sadly, I have shut down my 1-disabled-man sewing operation in order to focus on the business side of things. In addition to improving the business plan, there are a lot of specs I have to update and compile for the logistics, such as the different sizes of templates, as well as update the assembly instructions. Although it looks similar to other jacket concepts, it is comprised of modified components of 4 different patterns or pieces of apparel so there is no available pattern outside of what I have created. In order for a manufacturer to be able to assemble these things in accordance with the steps in my process, I have to ensure my specs and instructions are as accurate and feasible as possible.

With that in mind, the cost of all the materials and components used in the assembly dictates that these jackets/robes are not going to be inexpensive. I wont have a price point for it until a suitable manufacturer is identified and their input determines production costs. As some here might know, apparel is not easy, which is why I have avoided it for so long. I prefer to build things that arent crap and design them to stand apart in both appearance and application to a competitor. This tends for things to get over-engineered but I try to design my projects for longevity. That being said, this is somewhat of a luxury garment and not a piece of ruggedized/performance outerwear, like a service-issued field jacket or wet weather garment.

As previously mentioned, I know this product resembles other woobie jacket concepts but it is a markedly different design. For one, it isnt made from a woobie, nor is it quilted. This makes it significantly warmer than a woobie or woobie garment. It is also NOT a smoking jacket. Its made of polyester, which, like nylon woobie fabric, doesnt do well with open flames, sparks and cinders. I know its a colloquial term we all use but, also unlike a smoking jacket, it is neither slimming, nor form fitting. Although, it is very stylish. My very first prototype that I made for my buddy, was made from a woobie and based on an actual smoking jacket pattern. It looked and fit okay so long as you were standing still. Otherwise, it was way too constricting and rode up quite a bit. What Ive developed is a bit more roomy, as well as poofy due to the uniform insulation throughout it. You can really see that when you look at the pics of the robe in one of my earlier posts where the subject uses a Weaver-type stance compared to the frontal isosceles stance in this one. The camera adds 100 lbs when you do that.

As for the target market, it may be a relatively small niche, but I believe it can be broadened. Just the audience on this forum represents a wide range of users that can find use with this product.

Target users:
Current Military & Veterans
LEO/First responders
Adventure travelers
Spouses of all the aforementioned
Military hospitals
Service member treatment facilities
Remote government installations
High-end hotels, lodges, spas, etc.

Im going to hijack an apparel company CEOs tag line, Im not only the owner of the company. Im also a customer. Ive had to undergo two shoulder repair surgeries within the past two years and you really cant lay down flat to sleep for the first month or so. The blanket or comforter will not stay up, where upon you wake up freezing in addition to being in significant discomfort. Wearing this jacket with its hood attached, the blankets only needed to cover me below the waist because I was able to sleep in an upright position and remain warm and relatively comfortable during winter in Idaho.
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