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Originally Posted by WarriorDiplomat View Post
Thats exactly the way of thinking that makes an 18B seem irrelevant if he isn't an SME on these topics then who is? and why train and designate him as the detachment SME responsible for this? Every man should cross train and be familiar on everyone else's MOS of course being taught by the detachment SME. I was a former 12B I knew MDI, Demo Calcs, engineer recon tasks, battlefield shaping well as an 18C coming into SF but once I trained as an 18B I made sure I was a SME on Bravo expertise IAW the training, expectations, etc....that were my responsibility so that the other SME's could continue to be experts in their areas, being cross trained does not mean you take over someone else's MOS. Everyone should know basic 7-8/10 tactics and basic weapon employment and capabilities but not everyone on the ODA needs to be constantly up and researching the latest and greatest tactical and weapons knowledge when they have their own MOS's to be the experts of.

As far as SUT I can tell you after 3 yrs of teaching everyone from former, RI's, Regiment, Infantry etc....that it is a perishable skill. As simple as an enroute rally point is easily forgotten or how to cross an LDA and the thinking behind it the actual why. Someone should be responsible for the Institutional expertise and it should be that 18B. Should the team be able to teach basic infantry TTP's? yes at a minimum and be prepared to work as a split? yes. Hence the 2 of each MOS as our doctrine calls for split team operations and normally the 18C if split into smaller elements should be the next advisor in that respect in line. And no for you future 18B's Ranger school does not teach you tactics and in fact many Ranger tabbed guys barely know them cadre observation but it does add weight to your opinion with those who recognize it of course those are assumptions and have nothing to do with actual knowledge or capability just a reality of the Army.
I think we are saying the same thing. I guess I'm saying everyone on the SFODA needs to be able to teach SUT, know SUT Tactics and TTPs. Like you said, it is a perishable skill. I just felt like ODAs were or had become to MOS centric, were if it wasn't in their job or MOS they didn't care to learn about.
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