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MadDogG ~ as a guest myself, I strongly disagree with what you are saying and your protrayal of the SF members. From a civilian's point of view, these men are bound by a mindset, purpose and brotherhood. The personal fortitude they must possess within themselves even prior to going into the SF training is a rare quality. To devote their lives to rigors required to become SF in order to protect our country at a level beyond what 99% of the population even knows about says a lot about a person. The mortality they know is much greater than you or I or any other person sitting here in the comforts of our own homes non directly engaging those who want nothing more than to destroy your way of life, cut your head off and send it home to your family. How many times do you leave home knowing many people are going to be trying to kill you, yet you still go? How many of your friends/brothers have you seen body parts blown off of? How many of your friends/brothers have you watched die? Until you can answer with the same response of these men, you need to stand the fuck down when it comes to portraying them as believing they are immortal. [sorry, but this one pisses me off...I've been there when many of the WIA men are medevac'd in and helped them through their recoveries and I've held the hand of some of them as they passed of those who didn't make it, so don't even begin to pretend you know anything about understanding their mortality beliefs]

Their world, SF, does not allow the 'touchy feely' shit of let me give you respect just because, nor should it have to. There is no room for that on the battlefield and they will always maintain the warrior mindset. I truly believe respect is earned, it is never just given. What's with all the bullshit entitlement mentality I see so much of now days? Do you respect everyone you meet upon first meeting them? In the SF world, I imagine that could get you killed. Hell, I'm just a civie and even I don't believe in just giving respect. These men have earned the respect by the level of dedication they have shown.

I for one don't have a problem if I say something or make a post about something and get bitch slapped for it, like I'd say to anyone else, "suck it up buttercup." I'm not going to get my panties in a wad and cry about it. I will read what was said, analyze it and either respectfully disagree or realize their point of view is legit too. Hell, sometime, maybe I can enlighten them on something too one day[]

If I don't like the host of a party or want to complain about the decor in their living room, then I simply find one I like better. I'm not going to just hang out like dog balls at the one I don't like. Personally, their living room offers a great view and I like the fresh air that flows through it.

Quite simply put...Nut Up, Cowboy!

QP's, please delete [or bitch slap me] if I've overstepped my bounds. I am certainly NOT speaking for you, just putting another civie's point of view out there.

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