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I will resist the temptation to respond to your post with: "Piss up a rope!"

You think Intel Geek was treated harshly? I had to go back and re-read the string of posts to which you refer. It seemed rather innocuous to me. Obviously, it set you off on your rant that took you to some areas that mystify me.

The first is your reference to QPs thinking of themselves as "immortals"! Few people in this world are more aware of their mortality than the men of SF. While I am blessed to have not seen a single day of combat, I have had friends who were injured, many who were injured severely, and some who died during different aspects of Special Forces TRAINING. I am offended by your remarks in that regard.

You don't mention if you have served in the military. I couldn't check about that in your profile, because you do not have one. Despite all your reading, you seem to have missed the request that you fill out a profile. Perhaps you just decided to ignore it. I'd get on that task PDQ.

We do not walk down the street with a sign proclaiming our awesomeness and the demand that people bow down before us. This site is not "the street"! It is our living room. Brothers-in-arms are having a conversation and have been nice enough to invite interested people from the street to come in and join that conversation, given that they follow our rules, since (as even you are kind enough to notice) it is "our house". If one of those people doesn't like the conversation, or one of the people conversing, or the topics at hand, what that person should do is simply say "Excuse me, I need to leave" - and go.

On final reflection... piss up a rope.
"I took a different route from most and came into Special Forces..." - Col. Nick Rowe
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