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This has obviously been bothering me a lot - I called and talked to my husband about it and he said the same thing I think a lot of you are thinking -

He should have put his hands up. No questions, no hesitation.

It just bothers me that the entire thing went down the way it did. There has to be video and I'm sure it will be very enlightening. I haven't seen him in about 15 years, but I don't think he's changed that much based on what I've heard from other friends and read. I think he was a good guy who assumed that the cops would immediately understand he was a good guy so he didn't posture himself as he should have in this situation - as a bad guy.

The lesson I bring away from it is that it doesn't matter how "good" you are or how right you are or how otherwise peaceful and normal a suburban situation you are you in - when guns and police are involved you comply - no explanations, no questions. I guess I could totally see myself trying to explain the situation or continue to try and convince someone of my "goodness" as things escalate so wildly out of control. The facts might bear out something else, but I honestly believe one mistake (not complying to the letter) killed him.

It just makes me sad - especially for those who love him that are left behind to deal with the mess.

Also, I hope this case doesn't become some gun banning rally cry. I really like knowing that good, trained people - like those on this board - are out there with weapons in case things go bad.
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