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Originally Posted by T-Rock View Post
I’m sorry for your loss Shar

Rest in peace Mr. Scott. Prayers out to family and friends

It appears someone is trying to CYA… Gun shy Po Po these days seem to me a whole lot more dangerous than civilians with CCW permits.

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A lot of this case will depend on what he was actually doing in the store to warrant the Police showing up. What the Police were told over their Radios when called. What they thought was the suspects intent.......
If he lifted up his shirt so they could see a Gun. Thats pretty much the definition of brandishing a Weapon. Police don't have to wait until a Weapon is pointed at them. Police Academy's teach Police to be much more aggressive then they did in years past.
If police approached you. Never show them a Weapon on your body. I would not even tell them I had a Gun. Simply do what they say. Then when they have control of you. Then tell them your carrying. A lot more to this story thou I'm sure.
Sounds like a s#*t sandwhich, but I'll fight anyone, I'm in.
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