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I’m sorry for your loss Shar

Rest in peace Mr. Scott. Prayers out to family and friends

Police say when they approached the suspect, he drew a weapon and pointed it at officers. After refusing to drop the weapon, three officers fired multiple rounds, striking the suspect numerous times…
It appears someone is trying to CYA… Gun shy Po Po these days seem to me a whole lot more dangerous than civilians with CCW permits.

I guess this adds emphasis to the need to maintain good concealment.
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Logic that makes no sense…
Islam requires a Muslim to wage war against the Kafiroon.
I know someone who is Muslim and doesn't wage war against the Kafiroon.
Therefore, Islam doesn't require waging war against the Kafiroon.
(Right?) ROPMA

Islam was such a desirable creed the Fuehrer longed for it to become the official SS religion.” ~General Alexander Löhr~
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