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Originally Posted by AngelsSix View Post
This is what I was trying to bring out. Sorry to cause so much disruption...

I am tired of hearing after any kind of event similar to this (doesn't have to be a college/school shooting) that people start saying the person in question was behaving in a manner that was not "normal" or expected.

I am not sure it can be solved entirely, but if someone would open their mouth and talk to a counselor, cop, doc, could prevent this type of tragedy from occurring, IMO.
Your point is of value, and I agree.

Consider if you will, the number of times a perp was described as," a quiet person who would not hurt a fly". "He was a nice quiet man who kept to himself". If you," open your mouth", and get it wrong....woe be unto you. Financial and personal havoc follows. You cough up all you own at the direction of a court. The perp wins and moves on to greener pastures, and then kills.

IMHO, if the ACLU would look to the pain of the victim, and not to the defense of the perp, this nation would be safer, and better for it!!!!

My $.02.

RF 1

ps: will be in Binghamton next Monday FWIW.

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