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Originally Posted by Red Flag 1 View Post
I expect that part of the answer is that LE can do nothing until a crime is committed. Should his roomies have raised concerns with "authorities", it is likely this perp would have made life even more uncomfortable for those around him. So you put up with him and hope for the best. Even given all the red flags before the Ft. Hood murders, "authorities" acted too late. Al-Zahrani was well under the radar.

He was acting "crazy" I suppose; with the knife in particular. Perhaps the good folks at The Binghamton Psychiatric Center could have helped out if they knew about him, perhaps. Some folks present with even more bizzare behavior and seem to do "alright". Me thinks I smell a defense plea of insanity in the future for Al-Zahrani.

My $.02.

RF 1
This is what I was trying to bring out. Sorry to cause so much disruption...

I am tired of hearing after any kind of event similar to this (doesn't have to be a college/school shooting) that people start saying the person in question was behaving in a manner that was not "normal" or expected.

I am not sure it can be solved entirely, but if someone would open their mouth and talk to a counselor, cop, doc, could prevent this type of tragedy from occurring, IMO.
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