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Originally Posted by Sigaba View Post

As an example, one evening I was riding with him in his pick up along a somewhat busy street. Someone cut him off on by blasting through the right turn lane at an intersection. This maneuver is a common practice in the L.A. area. Generally, one grouses a bit and drives on--because as often as it happens to you, you're going to do it to someone else.

Yet, in this case, my pal went ballistic. He pursued the offending vehicle, yelling obscenities and threats. He cut off the vehicle, let it go, chased it down again, and cut it off. "YOU'RE DEAD," he roared.

He had several other explosions of temper in the ensuing months. His rage eventually cost him some friendships--including mine--and nearly cost him his engagement to his fiance. And also, his department got so tired of him that his dissertation committee approved his thesis with very few comments. (When this happens, they're basically telling you to go away and not to count on any support in your subsequent job search.)

Your shiiting me,, Are you proposing his defense "murder because of dissertation overload" ??


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