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Originally Posted by Karl.Masters
.....after immersion in saltwater, a soak in diesel fuel, a soak in motor oil, 6 hours at 160 deg F, temp cycled between -25 deg F and 120 deg F, and cold soaked to -60 deg F for 6 hours.

Let's not forget the impact/drop test and the flame/melt drip test.

Armor conditioned to these standards must stop the specified AP threats 100% of the time.

The number of complete penetrations we are looking for after these tests is ZERO.

And yes, if you can pass these tests, we will accept it from the lowest bidder

There is more to Army body armor testing than what you might see on the Discovery Channel.

Funny how the Pinnacle Armor website does not post these "military" findings on their website. (These findings will hit the web soon I'm sure and when they do you will see them posted here.)

Funny how the actual inventor of Pinnacle Armor Dragon Skin knew why Dragon Skin catastrophically failed and went as far to post that little FACT on his website;

The major flaw was not observing the Article One testing environmental conditioning protocol, which calls for the armor to withstand 165 degrees F for 6 hours. After five years of development and having the protocol in hand you would figure that the adhesive used to affix the tiles to the high strength fabric would be of the high temperature variety, it wasn't, and because of that these vests failed. OOPS!

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