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Originally Posted by Karl.Masters
"When you have the technology available to better protect the soldiers and (military officials) choose not to use it, it's a criminal act," Grant said Monday. "There are soldiers that died that didn't have to die. Soldiers die in war, but we've got to give them the best chance to live."
Typical bullshit hyperbole. Cite me one example of a Soldier or Marine that died from SAF who would have been saved by Dragon Skin's "superior" attributes.

LTC Masters, correct me if I am wrong, but DS has not been proven to defeat 7.62X54R API. I have been unable to find anything on the net discussing tests on DS involving anything more powerful than 7.62X39 mild steel core.

I've kind of thrown my hat in the ring over on OPFOR. I also plan to address it at the MilBlog conference in Arlington this weekend.
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