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mojaveman 01-17-2017 22:01

Germany's supreme court rejects ban on 'neo-Nazi' NPD party
Germany's supreme constitutional court has rejected a proposed ban on a far-right party accused of neo-Nazi links because it's members are deemed too ineffective to pose a real threat to democracy.

Didn't think they would be so tolerant on this subject.

mark46th 01-18-2017 01:05

Might be a feeler for getting them in position to get the muzzles out of the country.

JJ_BPK 01-18-2017 05:56

It could also be that the far left muzzie lovers need a group to hate,
a targeted sub-group to focus their shame and ridicule campaign on,
and a reason to make "fair and equal" changes for the good of the State??

Just saying..
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