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Team Sergeant 02-09-2004 08:30

Welcome to Professional Soldiers ®
The Website by Special Forces Soldiers for Special Forces Soldiers

Bear in mind the Rules of Engagement (ROE) before registering. It is essential you read and comprehend this post prior to registering and becoming a member. If you cannot abide by the rules of this site, do not bother registering, as your stay here will be brief. In addition, check back here from time to time, as the ROE may change.

What Professional Soldiers is - The first thing to understand is that this site is directed primarily to the Special Forces Soldier, and those interested in the SF life-style. It is our site and if you are not a member of the Special Forces, you are a guest. We welcome discussion - we demand respect be shown to all members and we will show you the same, provided you demonstrate you deserve it. Respect is earned not decreed.

Professional Soldiers is a serious site for serious minded people.

What Professional Soldiers is not. This is not a playground. It is not a place to have all your questions answered in order to avoid doing your own research. Special Forces soldiers are self-motivated and we expect no less from Professional Soldiers members. While you are welcome to join, this is not a site for ninjas, air-softers, paint-ballers, etc. There are other sites dedicated to those hobbies, proceed there if you feel the need to amuse yourself. Professional Soldiers is not a political discussion board. Fundamental discussions of political events impacting foreign policy in general and the Special Forces Community specifically are encouraged, as long as they are conducted in a mature manner.

Quiet Professionals - Glance at the user titles of the members. You will notice some members have the title - Quiet Professional- this is a Special Forces term of respect and members holding this title are bonafide members of the Special Forces Community. It is a small community, and most of us know each other personally. Show respect for their service. Many of our members are on the cutting edge of the War on Terrorism and other areas of US foreign policy.

Professional Soldiers is owned and operated by Quiet Professionals. While all moderators may not be Quiet Professionals, all of the administrators are and all have zero tolerance for foolish or troublesome members. Professional Soldiers moderators enjoy the total support of board administrators and Quiet Professionals. They have been chosen as moderators because they are subject matter experts in their fields and are proven supporters of the Special Forces Community. Any verbal assault on a PS moderator will not be viewed as amusing and will be dealt with unsympathetically by the board administrators.

Enjoy the site.

De Oppresso Liber

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