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Box 07-29-2013 09:14

I am FULLY supportive of a 100% gender integrated force with only a few reasonable caveats...

...I want to see the governmnet DEMAND that the NBA end segregation and start giving contracts to female basketball players. Clearly, there are women that can run circles around men on the courts.

...end womens tennis. Women can beat men at tennis. Desegregate tennis.

...get rid of the different t-box on the golf course. There are women that golf better than men. Its time to end discrimination on the gold course. Eliminate the WPGA and let them play in the same league as men.

...get rid of softball. That shit is just plain stupid. If females can throw a softball fast for strikes, surely they can throw a much lighter and smaller baseball past most men.

If winning doesn't matter, then lets stop pretending that it does.

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