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alright4u 03-25-2008 07:31

Volunteered for C&C ( FOB 2) June12, 68. Ended up at BMTE. Told a new C&C was being started & would be in on ground floor. FOB 2 took a Captain with far more experience then I had. I never blamed them. I needed to learn. I do not recall any recon course from mid 68-mid 69. Had an HF company with great NCO's, then went to launch site, then to 3 shop. I do not think anyone can say SOG was better then all. Had friends in II Corps Mike Force, who were every bit as good or better then I was. Do not know any war stories I want to share.

Like any job in SF, it was teamwork that got men in and out. From the S-2 briefing on target area, to the VR, to men on the launch sites, from the SF launch site NCOIC who bootlegged Freqs, to the pilots and crew and man riding with FAC, it took a team effort. I do recall we had a 10 school running local OPS when I got back in mid April 69. Or so I was told. A few went to MACV RECONDO school, but; most was OJT with senior NCO's having the real experience who trained all.

gagners 03-27-2008 11:36


I mentioned in another thread a few months back that I was fortunate to meet more than a few SOG warriors at a veteran's meet-up while underway on the Carnival Valor.

After listening to some of the stories and reading Plaster's books, I cannot convey what a priveldge it is to have the opportunity to say "thank you".

You inspired the generation of warriors that continues to inspire mine. Again, thank you.

QRQ 30 04-30-2008 14:10

Tm Cutlass
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See! There really was a Tm Cutlass as well as Saber. We were so secret we had to kill anyone who knew what we were up tp.:D Sam Sanford who was the project commander found this picture and sent it to me. I designed the patch which was an adaption of the SOG crest.

rwt_bkk 05-16-2008 23:19

Belated reply to all that asked. Yes still working on the book. In the edit mode, actually wrote it already. Now trying to make it sound like I at least graduated HS...

I am doing mine as a novel for several reasons. One of the main ones is that I wanted to include the scope of mission scenarios besides my own. I have included my missions in there and added a few more mainly based on conversations with other recon guys in the club.

I also am thinking about have the character stay in SF a lot longer than I did and have a series that will take him into a more modern SF with an emphasis on special operations.

At least that is my "thinking" time is another factor that always seems to get in the way when translating into action.

TerribleTobyt 05-18-2008 23:48

Good stuff here, y'all!! :)

Fletcher's son 06-21-2008 01:12

Ron fletcher
My name is mathew fletcher, son of the late ronald c. fletcher. dad was at ccn in '71 i know because of his acm with v device award letter. most of the paperwork states only "earned while in enemy occupied and denied territory"
Dad was 1-1, 1-2 of rt adder i believe. i found an rt adder patch along with his lucky boonie hat. and he once told me he was 1-1, 1-2 of his rt . at his funeral the acting commander of the fifth group and 3 other fine soldiers paid their last respects and saluted him and gave him his hat for his last mission. they gave me their unit coin and i sent them bacak to ft campbell with a thank you card and some travel money. dad gave them by way of me a cigar and three cases of beer. they included me in their final toast to a fellow warrior. I felt incredibly privileged. I have done alot of research in a short amount of time. and you guys....your'e the men that other guys want to be like. truly some bad mother fxxxxx. Does anyone remember my father. i know only two names he spoke regularly. don "sluggo" murphy and fred "lightning" wunderlich. iv'e spoken with don. emailed fred in thailand. no response.
Courage, honor and Bravery are as everyday to you gentlemen as clocking in for work. i feel as though im in the presence of gods when i talk to or stand next to you gentlemen.

rwt_bkk 06-27-2008 22:15

Matthew, thank you for your kind words, always remember that your father was one of us.

Honor and Steel

Fletcher's son 07-01-2008 06:17

How could I forget. He was the greatest man I ever knew. I tell people where and when he served and they react like its no big thing. after finishing stolen valor and secret commandos by john plaster it all takes on a new meaning for me. I never knew that as a culture we are so ignorant of what our soldiers give to be in service to our country. I spoke with Jim Hetrick, president SOA. He told me a man by the name of Hardy was writing a series of books on every team in ccn. He asked if i minded if he gave him my number for some photos for the book on rt adder. Pops may be immortalized in print. Dad liked a book titled "break contact, continue mission". As i said, I've read one of Plaster's books and have another on order. Any other reading suggestions?

Richard 07-01-2008 06:46


Originally Posted by Fletcher's son (Post 214927)
Any other reading suggestions?

Running Recon by Frank Greco; SOG: Team History and Insignia of a Clandestine Army by Jason Hardy and Michael Tucker--covers RTs Montana, Asp, Hawaii, Indigo, Idaho, Colorado, and Rattler.

Gutes lesen! :o


Fletcher's son 07-03-2008 13:42

Thank you very much. I will be knee deep in pages for a few weeks now. Reading Stolen Valor currently. It's somewhat amazing to me that when you stray from the drivel and literary diarrhea that some college history classes declare required reading, their confusingly angled "history", becomes a touch clearer. I never knew that, even having a special forces soldier for a dad, I was so ignorant.

shortrnd 07-26-2008 06:31

i just spent the last hour or so reading this section. amazing stuff. thanks to all of you.

BMT (RIP) 08-01-2008 11:39


122418b 08-06-2008 23:00

You gentlemen have my greatest respect.

akunochi 08-07-2008 07:19

I really enjoyed reading this thread. I was privileged to have two former MACV-SOG operators as instructors in the 18C course. These two gentlemen that I'm sure some of you know are just beyond impressive with their knowledge, but also good for a laugh. Just wanted to say thanks.

glebo 08-07-2008 10:34

Speakin' of SOG
Do any of you old timers remember my father in law, James Farley?? He's got a MAC-V SOG plaque with his name on it in his collection. He retired in 70-71. He was over there in the very early years also. He talks mostly about Than-Phu (sp?) and a couple of other places I can't remember/pronounce. I think most of his time was down south around the delta.


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