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FearMonkey 06-04-2007 17:16

I feel safe in saying there's not a man alive that wears a Green Beret atop their head who feels like they'll ever be able to truly meet the standard set by SOG. All I can say is, wow. It's an honor.

QRQ 30 06-04-2007 18:50


Originally Posted by FearMonkey
I feel safe in saying there's not a man alive that wears a Green Beret atop their head who feels like they'll ever be able to truly meet the standard set by SOG. All I can say is, wow. It's an honor.

In don't know how to take that. We all went through the same training and most of us spent one year in SOG and many years in other assignments. All SF -- All the Way!!

Roycroft201 06-04-2007 21:20

My former husband served at Duc Pho with the 174th AHC, (the Sharks and Dolphins), 1969 - 70, a crew chief and door gunner with the Sharks.

After I met him years later and were married ( I was a child bride, of course, LOL, :) ) he would occasionally speak about his experiences there, but not often.

More recently when I started reading about the history of MACV-SOG, in Major Plaster's books, and on this thread and others, suddenly remembering my ex- husband's words about flying into a hot LZ took on a whole new meaning for me.

As always, it is an honor to be a guest in your house.

Thank you to all the incredible MACV-SOG vets.

(Many of you are probably aware that the 174th has a very interesting web site.....www dot 174ahc dot org. On it's homepage is a great pic of the art work on the nose of the Sharks. It is right below the paragraph that starts with "Below: "Sharks on standby at the Gia Vuc Special Forces Camp........." )


incommin 06-05-2007 04:21


Originally Posted by QRQ 30
In don't know how to take that. We all went through the same training and most of us spent one year in SOG and many years in other assignments. All SF -- All the Way!!

You got that right! But there are some out there that think their one or two years in SOG allows them to 'look down" on other SF'er! SOG was just another assignment for crying out loud!


QRQ 30 06-05-2007 07:32

When I reported to Nha Trang I really knew nothing about SOG. It was a word you occasionally heard whispered in the dark corners of the Club. I was assigned to Command and Control Detachment, North. I was disappointed since I really didn't want to spend my time in a COMCEN in some HQ unit. As things turned out, I got more than I bargained for.:D In the old days we really did some Studying and observing. How many of y'all remember bring back little bottles or baggies with soil samples?

SOG is a little word for a big organization including all four services. OTOH when people hear SOG they thnk of our Recon peograms.

SOG was great because of Special Forces which was great long before SOG and still is, after SOG.:lifter

vnrecon 06-06-2007 08:26

" All Right, Call The Roll "
I guess I might as well put my $.02 in here as a check in before this thread disappears. Not that anyone would be interested in what I have to say.

Didn't make SOAR last year but had gotten my 20 the year pin before.

Got to see you Toby, " 'rwt bkk," Lurch" and " Ambush Master " also.

Thought " Richard " might have been " Nick " (Habu, Crusader) from CCN Recon but I guess it wasn't.

Hey " Roguish Lawyer " thanks for the Avatar as I probably couldn't have gotten it in place anyway.

Terry, I'm still working on that application, " My Bad " on "Spike Team Bear,"
CCS if I'm not mistaken but I'm only familiar with implement and weather names i.e. as with " The Bus, "( RT Plane) and weather names also.

QRQ 30 06-06-2007 09:54

Soss" It was at Khe Sahn - FOB-3.
Keep steady on the app, several are now pulling for you.

rwt_bkk 06-14-2007 18:00

welcome aboard Vnrecon. Well guys us old guys can at least still type..!

So a question, how many of you guys are actually writing or have written a book?

Just curious, been working on mine for about 2 years now (actually about 3 weeks out of 2 years).

dblevins 07-27-2007 10:06

B52 and CCC 70/71
I was with a medic with B52 for part of their last mission out of Mai Loc. Was transferred to CCC since B52 was being disbanded. Was at CCC from late 1970 to Feb 1971. Mostly flying to Dak To every other day to support the recon teams. Got out of the military and returned to IBM (San Jose) when I returned to the states. Went into a "decompression" mode for the next 10 years or so. Am now retired and living in Oakhurst near Yosemite with my two Cocker Spaniels.

Merlyn 09-21-2007 16:39

Working on a Book
Hey, Bru. I'm working on a book. The agent to work with is a guy in NY who helped Bob Mayer along.

Mayer was in S. America with SF and is now a full-time professional writer.

Christophe 02-13-2008 06:18


please keep us informed on your upcoming books.
I am sure ALL of us here would love to read them.



JSE 02-16-2008 20:54

Thanks to RL for starting this thread; I feel that I'm in the presence of greatness after seeing so many SOG vets post in this thread...

Like RL, I too am a MACV-SOG enthusiast and self-proclaimed historian of sorts. About five years back, I began writing a historical-fictional story about a young man who volunteers for SOG and runs recon out of CCC beginning in 1969. As it sits now, my work is a scratch over 200 pages in Word and is still not yet finished. I've also had the humbling pleasure to have had several SOG vets read it, some of whom I included in my writing: Lee Burkins, John S. Meyer, Joseph Parnar, Tom Waskovich, and Frank Greco. I have received very high praise from these admirable men and truly appreciate their help and guidance.

If any of you who served in SOG would like, I can pass along their contact information to you if you haven't heard from them in a while. I know most of them attend the SOA Reunions each year.

VNRecon, I have also spoken with Richard "Nick" Brokhausen via email and can put you in contact with him if you'd like.

My hat is off to those of you who served in SOG. I'm very humbled to be in your presence, even if it is only the internet. :D


JMI 02-16-2008 21:22


What would it take for the SOG gentlemen to follow through on the books you have started? I, too, am a SOG enthusiast and will be willing to bet 100% of this board is as well.

Before I get back in my lane, understand that you are the very men many of us would like more writing from, just as those before you could have shared about WWI, WWII, and Korea.

Damn few.

crabofwar 02-25-2008 16:18

Lazy, I copied from my intro.
Hi all,
I'm Parker, and live in Virginia. I was only in the Army for 3 years. Two with SF. My tour in Vietnam was six months at B-42 in Chau Doc as admin officer. Second 6 months with C&C Fob 2, in Kontum. On paper I was company commander of a Yard company, and maybe for a very brief time the senior American at the Yard camp out of town.
I went out with a ST a couple times, then went to HF for most of the rest. I never did anything exciting or brave (stupid, yes.). But, am very proud to have been with SF and SOG.
In the field, I was bombed by US planes twice. Strafed by 50 cal from our Vietnamese navy once (during Tet). And minor hit from M-79 our point man used in hammer anvil "exercise". Got minor equipment damage from one of the Yards in my squad, when he chucked a grenade over my head. Damn near fragged by a friend behind the Yard camp, where he was practicing silently releasing grenade spoon. ( It was raining, and grenade slipped.)
Enemy only tried to get me twice. But, they were more successful. Grenade frags while I was going to R&R through Da Nang. They hit the HQ the night I was there, so I spent R&R on the USS Sanctuary.

vnrecon 02-25-2008 21:43

Yeah, just checking in after ages
Good to hear from all you old SOG guys and all others. Thought I better check in hear as I suppose everyone has thought I had died.
Thanks for the reply to my pms from ODA 226 ( on the matter of Franz Shoaf, I gather they may have located Steve Troxel of RT Hawaii, CCC Recon ) and from dblevins.
By the way BRU is your book finished yet?
What's the latest with you Ambush Master?
Once again, thanks for the avatar, Roguish Lawyer, your help was greatly appreciated as I would have been to stupid to get it where it should have been.
Always good to hear from you CPTAUSRET ( you were the first one to welcome me on this site ) and good to hear you hear as always TOBY, ( The old Joe Walker hand from RT California. )
Sorry to hear of the passing of Robin Moore as he had problems and I literally had to put my ear against his mouth to hear him speak, he could only whisper, and had to hop, step and jump to get himself going with a cane several years ago, at an SF Convention, but loved his stories about he and " The Duke," John Wayne, as he spent 3 months at " The Duke's " bedside before he passed on.
Very sorry to hear of the passing of Bill Boggs, a great CCN Recon man, ( not the Bill Boggs that was on the same team as John Walton, of the well known Walmart Family, who also ran recon out of CCN.
Please send our old SOG wishes to those others ailing, although, I don't believe I don't want to list them here, as they may not want that.
Yeah, Terry, I'm still working on that application!!! and hope to complete that shortly.
To all others on this site, please feel free to pm me no matter who you are as I always appreciate the latest commo.

What can I say, " The Memories Were Brief, But The Moments Were Lasting; In The Late 1960's And Early 1970's, SOG Recon Was Definately Life In The World's Fast Lane. "

Take care,

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