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1stindoor 01-13-2020 08:11

Movie Review 1917
Highly recommend it! Great storyline and character movie. Focus was not on the death count or explosions (though they were there). Simply about taking care of your teammates and honoring your word.

JSMosby 01-15-2020 18:58

I agree. The whole movie was like a Message to Garcia on steroids.

cbtengr 01-15-2020 19:18

It was a good movie, probably not a movie for a lot of folks. The main characters did a good job portraying their parts.

CW3SF 01-15-2020 21:42

I thought it was good but not great. Seemed a little bit short and “unfinished” to me. When it was over and the credits rolled, the entire audience sat there for several minutes, waiting to see if there were more scenes coming.

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