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Kasik 04-24-2014 17:43

Datu Kelly Worden
Kelly Worden has formally taught both Air Force (McChord Air Force Base) selectd personnel (i.e. CCT) and 1st Group folks for a number of years now.

Serious about his Art and his programs; serious about what he shares / teaches his students / very highly regarded in the Pacific NW.

He's taught back at Virgina Beach, as well. Good following there.

I'm familiar with James Webb, Mike Pick, "Professor H" and some of the others mentioned on this thread.

It's a crazy world the martial arts world is:munchin

Perhaps the least mentioned but the most ardent, effective and long-lasting is, IMHO, MSG (Retired) Max Mullen. Max is the real deal:lifter and has contributed more to RGR / SOF martial arts training than most.

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