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CSB 11-23-2010 21:14

"Soldier4Life" needs to read and heed.
The individual under screenname Soldier4Life PM'd me out of the blue with the above paragraph yesterday. I sent him the following reply, again by PM.

Look's like he can't read, can't follow simple instructions, starting with "Follow the stickies and post a profile and an introduction."

I hear the sound of black rotor blades approaching.


Step One - Follow the stickies and post a profile and an introduction.

Step Two - Notice the date of the thread containing the name Leonard Holifield. The thread started in September 2008 and was last posted in May 2009. Old news.

Step Three - After following Step One, if you feel you have accurate information to provide to the net on Leonard Holifield, feel free to do so. But based on past experience (and you might want to look at some Hall of Shame and POW Net sites first), the following do not qualify as accurate information:

1 - Mere publication in a magazine or newspaper.

2 - "... had to be legit ..." because he/she is associated with a person of rank.

3 - Anything self-declared by the subject.

Instead, post a scanned DD Form 214, DA Form 2 and 2-1, military orders, diplomas, etc. or refer to objectively verifiable sources of information (i.e., Ranger Class Number, Airborne Class Number, Special Forces Class Number, etc.), units of assignments with inclusive dates.

For example, "Professor" Holifield claims five assignments in 1993 alone:

782D MSB, Fort Bragg, NC. 1993

17th Calvary Air Recon, Simmons Airforce Base, Fort Bragg, NC. 1993 (* I suspect the fellow means Simmons Army Airfield, the Air Force Base at Ft. Bragg is Pope Air Force Base).

E-Company, 702D MSB, Unit 15412, Fort Bragg, NC. 1993

A-Company, 2nd Engineer Bn, Unit 15043, Fort Bragg, NC. 1993

3rd Republic of Korea Liaison, U.S. Airforce Command, Koera 1993 (For a Professor, his spelling leaves a little to be desired. It's Korea, not Koera).

For those paying attention, that's five assignments within one year, less than three months each. Just what kind of soldier has five assignments in one year?

He claims to have enlisted in April 1987. Probably true. But if he claims to be "instrumental" in the revision of FM 21-150 (which, by the way, is entitled "Combatives," not "Combat"), a revision that could only have been the 30 September 1992 edition [since the previous edition was dated 30 SEP 1971 and the succesor edition -- renumbered as FM 3-25.150 -- is dated 18 January 2002]. Yet for someone who is alleged to have been "instrumental" in the revision, he never claims assignment at the United States Army Infantry Center, Ft. Benning, GA who is the proponent of that publication. And young Mr. Holifield would have had at the very most four years of active duty when the 30 SEP 1992 revision of FM 21-150 was finalized, staffed, and approved for publication.

Finally, while Army schools are not necessary for a man to be a close quarters combat expert, you should remember that this is a web site for Professional Soldiers. For a Staff Sergeant to hold himself out as a military expert in combatives, we would expect to see such additional training, experience and qualifications such as Airborne (especially since he claims he was assigned to "2nd Battalion, 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment, Fort Bragg, NC." in 1992). Or Ranger, or Sapper, or Special Forces, or S.E.R.E., or ...

rdret1 11-23-2010 21:31

Some info on Prof. Holifield

A "Top Gun" demo

Selling a book on Paladin Press

blue02hd 11-23-2010 21:59

So far all I see is the continuance of a career based off of fraudulent claims and bogus credentials. The bio suggests he was the US Army's Chief Combatives instructor from 1987 to 1997. Is he smoking crack?

Is there an unspecified belief that once you leave the service any and all such claims provided from that point forward on cannot be disputed?

Oh, btw. Thanks SOLDIER4LIFE for bringing this miserable thread back to life. If I were a betting man, I'd say you served from 1987 to 1997,,,,

Betchya a Blue Moon!

CSB 11-23-2010 23:45

Well, let's see what Professor Leonard Cleve Holifield's biography at the "Lifeforce" web site has to say about him:


Prof. Leonard Holifield has over 35 years of martial arts experience and is President and Founder of (I.A.E.P.S.D.T).
Well, since Leonard Cleve Holifield was born in January 1960, and is now 50 years old, he must have begun his "martial arts experience" at age 15.


During his military career he served as Chief Combat Instructor to the United States Army from 1987 to 1997 and was instrumental in rewriting the army's manual on Combat (FM 21-150).
See my post above, everything from "Combat" vs. "Combatives" to "Chief Combat Instructor" (a position that simply does not exist), in addition to the timeline, is bogus.


A highly decorated veteran of the Gulf War, he was credited with capturing the first Iraqi POW during Operation Desert Storm.
Since DS/DS spanned the period from August 1990 until Feb 1991, he must have taken care of business and then made a rapid trip over to the sandbox just in time to get "highly decorated," since in October 8, 1990 and again on November 15, 1990 while living at Kizer Drive in Fayetteville he was busy being convicted of three counts of misdemeanor worthless checks.

I could go on, but that is enough.


So again, to "Soldier4Life" let's see the DD Form 214, etc.

Or you and "Professor Doctor Staff Sergeant Holifield" can just melt away.

Richard 11-24-2010 05:45


A highly decorated veteran of the Gulf War, he was credited with capturing the first Iraqi POW during Operation Desert Storm.
Credited by whom? Perhaps by William G. Hillar, COL NOT (Retired) NOT , SF NOT in one of his not-so-much-now sought after courses. :rolleyes:

Amazing how the 'Professor' :rolleyes: keeps adding on to his biographical manure pile.

Richard :munchin

Sacamuelas 11-24-2010 12:38


Originally Posted by Sacamuelas (Post 358815)
Not a good start.

HAHA ! When will they learn.....:D

wet dog 11-24-2010 13:19

The first Iraqi POWs of the Gulf War, was an entire Iraqi battalion surrendering to the US Marines, hands held high, looking for a meal.

We had a few Navy, Airforce pilots listed as MIA and POW early in the game, most if not all were relased early March 1991.

uplink5 12-07-2010 17:27


Originally Posted by wet dog (Post 358968)
The first Iraqi POWs of the Gulf War, was an entire Iraqi battalion surrendering to the US Marines, hands held high, looking for a meal.

One of the guys in my company captured two Iraqis while he was taking a dump. He thought he was alone and when he finished, he turned around and behold; two Iraqis, with hands in the air, facing in the opposite direction with weapons on the ground until he was done taking a dump. They were starving and eaten up with parasites.

Point is, most Iraqi POWs were not so much "captured", as much as they had surrendered. The good professor was highly decorated for what?

Of course though, we also had a Motor SGT who wrote himself up for a Bronze Star, and had the Chaplin sign it. He was the convoy commander during 3d GRPs mad dash to the Kuwaiti Airport, without incidence.

Anything is possible I guess....jd

Don 12-07-2010 18:34

Paraglide circa 1992
I remember reading an article about Holifield in the paraglide back in '92 about his heroic actions. Apparently he "judy chopped" some Iraqis.

Found this vid on the technique...


Rumor has it the parasite-ridden, half starved Iraqis put up a good fight, but ultimately succombed to his martial arts mastery and were taken captive.

greenberetTFS 12-07-2010 18:51


Originally Posted by Richard (Post 358905)
Credited by whom? Perhaps by William G. Hillar, COL NOT (Retired) NOT , SF NOT in one of his not-so-much-now sought after courses. :rolleyes:

Amazing how the 'Professor' keeps adding on to his biographical manure pile.

Richard :munchin

I'd bet that S4Life is none other than the "Professor" himself!.........:mad:

Big Teddy :munchin

zuluzerosix 12-08-2010 12:27

1 Attachment(s)
If I may....

James Webb....

One can purchase an entire series on Special Forces Hand-to-Hand combat techniques. This video series has been around for quite some time. A few years at least. I have not purchased it. I have always been suspect of the videos. If you look at his picture you will see why.

here is link for the videos at Century Martial Arts supplies. They are made by Panther Productions.


Airborne06 12-20-2010 10:14

I don't know much about combatives instruction, but I can tell you that this guy's "Ph.D." is absolutely bogus. If the school/institution isn't recognized by the US Department of Education, then the degree is worthless. The "accreditation" agency must be one recognized by the US Department of Education as well. For all intents, this "professorship" and "Ph.D." are self-declared. Certain states actually restrict the usage of academic titles not awarded by USDE recognized schools. These guys may be doing a great job of teaching and training combatives, but I think they undermine their own credibility by embellishing their qualifications with diploma mill or self declared degrees. Just my $.02....

SFC Donnell 05-16-2011 21:21

US Dept. of Education?
While I agree with your point 100%, I am not to sure that you are making a good one by using the US Dept. of Education as the gold standard as to what is and is not a diploma mill Sir. :D

madstuka 06-14-2011 05:27

Mike Pick
I can't believe that nobody has mentioned Mike Pick yet. Oh boy....where does one start?
If you need a good laugh, here is his bio.

First...he is fat. Her smokes heavily. Not my choice in a combatives instructor.
10th Group hired him because he was friends with a prior Group Commander. Once he was in; there was no getting rid of him. Group paid him about 80k a year for seven years. If you can scrape up a copy of the video he made of 10th SF combatives, it will demonstrate why nobody attended combatives classes for Mike Picks instruction. You stand there. He runs his mouth and hits students. No sparring. All garbage. That is....if he showed up. His contract was for mornings during PT, he would show up late to an empty dojo, then head home. He also agreed to run a two week intensive course for support company prior to deployment. The day came, Pick was off in another state teaching a seminar. Double dipping. Nice.
I arrived back at 3/10 and was absolutely disgusted. A Group of us got together and worked for years to oust Pick. We went to every team and asked if they were using the combatives ptrogram. They all said the same thing. It sucks. Not one A-team was going. A few support guys...thats it.
Next, I used the Freedom of Information Act. They stated that Pick has never served in the military. When I confronted Pick; he said that he was CIA and that he didn't have any records. Yep. No kidding. The CIA always recruits E-2 Marines don't they? Where else would you get a guy for sentry removals? I brought the forms to the Group CSM. He told me that the documents would get me in a lot of trouble. What a guy.
We put together a separate combatives room. It was next to Picks room. Our room was filled everyday. We had two or three teams in there every morning. Pick would come over and run his mouth.
Group also purchased $120,000 of knives from this guy at $250 a piece. The "Pick Tactical" is a big Bowie knife with a notch on the backside. The notch is for sentry removal. As Pick tells it, you use the notch to catch on the guy's teeth so that you can scramble his voice box during a sentry removal. That way, you don't get thet "yelp" you normally get when you remove a sentry. Picks tells this like he did it dozens of times. Just like in the movies. Those knives were sitting in the supply room. Nobody wanted them. They actually bought two shipments, 60k a piece. The second one was purchased at a time when some teams were deploying to Iraq with iron sites. It was more important to buy "Pick Tacticals" than aimpoints. Pick has friends in high places.
He also sold Group "carbon fiber" stealth knives for the airport. One of the knives fell off the display table at a demo and shattered. Nice.
During his seven years; he never attended any training. He never asked to watch a CQB session. He could have gone up on the catwalk and seen what guys were faced with during CQB. Never. He didn't have to becasue he knew it all already. He loved to tout his membership in the Close Quarters Instructors Club or whatever. Too bad he never attended any real courses, or the real thing prior to becoming an instructor.

1stindoor 06-14-2011 10:33


Originally Posted by madstuka (Post 399174)
I can't believe that nobody has mentioned (insert newest member) yet. Oh boy....where does one start?

One usually starts in the Intro thread.

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