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Longstreet 02-29-2020 16:20

Where to Wear A Gas Mask?
Jayson here and what is the best way to wear a gas mask when it is not being used? Most guys in my unit simply attach it to their vest and then secure it to the thigh using a piece of webbing; however the other day I saw our CSM wearing his like a satchel and wore his vest on top. I can see the merit with that setup as should he take his vest off, he will still have his mask with him.

I did some searching on the web and see that most wear their mask on the thigh, but rather than having it attached to the vest, it is secured to one's pant belt.

Is storing it more of a personal preference or is there a "better" way to store a gasmask on oneself? I am with a SVC BN (should it make a difference) so hopping in and out of a vehicle is something I would be doing rather than rucking on foot. Please respond. Thanks.


mcarey 03-02-2020 08:43

I think you answered your question. If you are in a vehicle I think that carrying like a satchel so it is available with or with out vest and while sitting in a vehicle is best option for you. Regardless, a gas mask if worn should be available at all times if threat is real. So, I never attached my mask to a vest, ruck or LBE, as I may not be close enough to them. I always treated my mask as I would a weapon, never more than arms reach awake and asleep.

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