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Team Sergeant 01-23-2004 08:54

I was there.....
I'm a 1st SFG(A) former member. 92-98

DDD 01-23-2004 16:25

1st Grp, 85-00

wally 01-24-2004 13:15

ODA 146 89-93

Doc 01-24-2004 14:22


Originally posted by wally
ODA 146 89-93
Glad to see you finally made it in. PM out to you bro.

longrange1947 01-26-2004 20:00

1st group from 70 - 73.

Old 1st SAFAsia time frame. When we could really have fun! :)

RAT 01-28-2004 18:15

Re: I was there.....

Originally posted by AProfSoldier
I'm a 1st SFG(A) former member. 92-98
I want to say thank you for the help from 92 to 95 with the support from your dive locker to ours (3rd Recon Bn, Det Force, 4th Mar Recon, 9th Mar Recon and 3rd Div Recon). Plus some wet jump support too.


colmurph 01-29-2004 14:14

Any SOC-K members from the 86-88 time frame?

Spartan 02-01-2004 14:14

Graduated the Q Course as an 18C and worked in the S-4 shop in 2nd Bn, 1st SFG during 88-89 time frame.

Bulged Discs. :(

NousDefionsDoc 02-01-2004 23:25

Welcome Spartan

longrange1947 02-02-2004 15:27

Welcome Spartan!

Hope disks are better or atleast getting better.

Spartan 02-02-2004 15:37

Thanks for the welcome - mainly just have to deal with limitations - modify activity levels, etc... I should go back on a rehab process.

I should have reupped in SF and stayed to contribute to the mission, but I was in the selfish "I joined to be a shooter not work in an S-Shop" mode at the time.

BJS 02-10-2004 17:32

1st Gp - 84-01 (and going back :) )

BMT (RIP) 02-10-2004 17:47

I was ther
1st SFG '66-'68


bikewrench8541 02-14-2004 02:13

Does anyone remember doing a demo class for jarheads?
I got a great one in 85.
The fun stuff, steel cutting.
That D-9 will never be the same, transmission cover 10 meters beyond the wreck with it's body cut in half.
Also, first that I ever saw a radio transmitted demo.
In 1985 pure James Bond. Or in this case Science Fiction.
Great class, thanks.

Radar Rider 03-18-2004 04:50

I was in the SOT-B, MID, 2nd Bn (1994 - 1996). I'm trying to get back there, because I want to retire in Tacoma. :)

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