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BuckiBill 05-26-2019 12:03

A Green Beret so high speed that the government micro chipped him
If you want some funny shit to watch, check out Allyn Dilly.

He was sent to GOTGB from a company he gave an hour+ long lecture to about team work and safety. We were able to edit down 1hr+ to around 14 minutes of just his SF exploits.

Before the briefing, he told those there that he was micro chipped by the Government so they could monitor location and vital signs in case they needed to rescue him.
He added that he had also been shot in North Korea.

As a side note... He never served a single day in the military.

exsquid 05-26-2019 12:51

I am sorry but that beard is OAF. No way he isn't some sort of HSLD SOF guy.


Astronomy 05-26-2019 19:13


Hell, after all the required DNA swabs back in the 90s, the constant dog tag updates at SRPs, and the mandatory Rabies shots...

I started scratching for fleas, barking at strangers, licking my nuts, and digging under my own fence to escape from the back yard.

When I first heard about SOF Working Dogs, I simply assumed it was a new Additional Duty for Bravos like myself.

Later, I realized that competent working dogs were required to be much smarter than that... ;)

Joker 05-26-2019 20:16

Allyn Dilly Special Forces poser. NOT a SF Captain, just another poser.

Box 05-26-2019 22:15

Is there no shame in this world?

How could someone have outed this guy - he was microchipped for goodness sake - now his cover is blown.

I think we should all raise a glass to Allyn and his Dad for providing a venue to share these great stories...
So So again, lets all raise a glass for them - "Dilly, Dilly"

Bud Light bitches - its what secret combat vets drink.

tom kelly 05-27-2019 14:56

He was with an Ultra Top Secret group ! "The Microchips".

TrapperFrank 06-04-2019 10:03

For whatever reason, I am reminded of the old Burl Ives song. Lavender blue dilly dilly, Lavender green,.....

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