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abc_123 03-24-2020 20:28


Originally Posted by P36 (Post 657015)
I use one, but mostly to make homemade dog food quickly. It's great for that. 30 minutes and I have a weeks worth.

If you are making your own dog food, why not go raw? Did that for our German Shepherd Dog and he thrived. Now we have a Cur dog (part Pit, Coonhound, Boxer, more coonhound, german shepherd, and a mix of other dogs) and my wife refuses to do raw. Doesn't want the effort and time and "grossness" to feed raw.

Gypsy 03-25-2020 16:41


Originally Posted by cbtengr (Post 657091)
Pinterest is also a great source for recipes and for that matter any other subject you may be interested in. Gypsy, good tip about getting a fryer lid, thanks! The first 3 months I had mine I used it every day.

I was excited to see that lid when it came out, B!

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