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frostfire 04-02-2020 03:54

SAVe Ventilator
to 18D, FST folks, SOF medic, or any SME who had worked with the 2007 DARPA-developed SAVe Ventilator.

Would this work on someone with severe multilobar pneumonia and ARDS?
Would you reuse it after using it on COVID patient (ie. terminal sanitizing and 72 hours hold)?

We just dust off several units from storage. We are preparing contingency for those having severe COVID respiratory complication. I understand it's meant only as rescue/transport ventilator. It's single setting, cannot change tidal volume, PEEP etc. In my limited knowledge and experience, they are meant for trauma patients with compromised airway or no breathing, with otherwise healthy pneumocytes. So if the alveolis are jacked up as in ARDS secondary to COVID, would you still use it for prolonged field care?

18C/GS 0602 04-11-2020 06:56

Frostfire- The short answer is no. The SAVEe has a fixed rate of 10 breaths a min with no ability to adjust settings, including no ability to give PEEP. Frequently, COVID patients are significantly hypoxic and require high levels of PEEP to maintain reasonable oxygenation. We looked at this question and concluded that the SAVe 1 basically has almost no role in treating critical COVID patients. If you want more information PM me.

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