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Today&Tomorrow 01-12-2008 18:14

I know as the warrant officers on the teams you guys stay for a long time and provide the longevity for the teams, so I wanted to ask any of you a question. With the experience and expertise you have I am hoping to be able to pick your brains to benefit my team and keep us from trying to reinvent the wheel. On a JCET mission what is your teams' COC gear list? How do you set up your COC? How do you organize and make your COC/Tracking/Intel/Log boards? How many toughbooks do you use for your COC? Right now for the COC admin gear I have bought us a tacklebox for all the small shit (i.e. paper clips, highlighters, staplers, pens, pencils, etc) to keep all of that together and organized. I am looking for any ideas and lessons learned running/organizing the COC. I am also wanting to know what you take downrange as your COC gear list. I appreciate all your time and help in this matter. Thanks. Shawn

The Reaper 01-12-2008 18:16


I think you asked this question generically about loadouts already, and in the right place.

No need to overdo it.

We read all of the MOS boards and do not discriminate.


Today&Tomorrow 01-12-2008 18:22

Yes sir I understand, however I am trying to get as much information as I can on from different people and their experiences. In this post I am asking about COC functions which I have not asked about before. I am just trying absorb as much as I can from as many as I can. I haven't seen this subject talked about in other area so thats why I started.

The Reaper 01-12-2008 18:53

One question at the time.

We have no idea if you are who you claim to be, and some of your questions do not need to be discussed in the open.

Let's see how the 18C discussion goes before proceeding any further.


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