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kgoerz 12-12-2013 11:52

AAR class
Writing a short class on how to conduct an AAR. Mainly geared towards CQB/Shoot House training. Anyone have any info or a POI class already written up.
Apreciate any info

glebo 12-12-2013 13:45

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Try TC 25-20 A leaders Guide to AAR's

It should get ya started in the right direction

kgoerz 12-12-2013 14:25

Have the main points. Just working on the specific guidlines for flat range/shoot house portion of an AAR. This is what I started with. Most is just common scense discusion points. Just making sure I don't leave something out.

1. Conducting a Shoot House AAR.
a. Cover everything from the breach point to the command of safe/hang.
b. Start with the overall operation then work your way down to team, element and individual performance.
c. Walk shooters thru the shoot house to demonstrate AAR points for clarity

glebo 12-12-2013 14:43

That's good,

also, you can start out with "What was supposed to happen" :lifter

And then "What really happened"...:eek:

ANd use you target for talking points to resurrect...

Kind of a "condensed" version...

Bechorg 12-17-2013 12:27

Please send me the end result power point so I can steal your work and use it as mine ;-)

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