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12-05-2005, 13:04
I spoke with a National Guard recruiter they other day and was told that if you go the National Guard route to SF and show up ready, then the pipeline can be a lot quicker than if I were to come back active and re-up under a new MOS. It sounds like if you have your sh*t together when you show up for drill and meet the guys and they "okay" you then one is pretty much given a green light to start the pipeline. He also told me there are a surprising number of guys he called "National Guard bums" that basically go to as many schools as they want to attend on an almost full time AD status and get paid. Anybody have smilar experiences with this route versus come back on active and then applying for SFAS through their unit?

12-06-2005, 07:12
Pipeline quicker? Not necessarily. X-Rays seem to get through the quickest (though they have the initial training that takes time).

The green light for SFAS is dependent on each unit. Last I heard mine was 80 sit/80 push/15 pull/3 miles in under 21 min/12 miles in under 3 hours. One fellow showed up, made the grade, and was at selection 3 months later.

Guard Bums and schools? Depends on how much money your state has to send guys to school. Some one has to pay for it afterall. For example Washington state has currently put a freeze on new schools for guys, sort of a "hold what you got" attitude. Two years ago, slots to schools went unfilled.

Guard Bums and missions? It ranges. . . One fellow has gone on back to back missions for the last three years. Other guys do the bare minimum.

If you 've got your sh*t together, as it were, and you've got a state that supports its Guard, I'd recommend going guard. You can always switch to AD later. good luck, hope this helps.

12-06-2005, 10:43
Your SF recruiter is right. If you go back Active duty, it's very unlikey that you will get an 18X MOS as prior service. You will have to fill out at DA 4187 and see the local SF recruiter on what ever post that you get assigned to. With OPTEMPO, it will be hit and miss when you will be able to go to SFAS while being on AD.

As for being a guard bum, like what Books said, except with the caveat in my state, schools are on the OML and go by priority. So as a new guy, it's highly unlikey that you will get a cool guy school at least in my unit. Other units may do things differently.

12-07-2005, 21:09
I'm sighning the paper work this Friday. this time NG. My recruiter talked to the local NGSF unit. the SF Recruiter said I should try the "try it on the guard" program first. I go back to a 11B unit for a year with no commitment but for only a year. I get back in shape and get with the program again. then the local SF unit do there own selection twice a year.. they tell me if I'm ready or not for SFAS. then and only then do they start the paperwork for SF. But thats in Mass. yours my be differant. There are no short cuts to be the best so dont expect any.