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11-28-2005, 15:44
I'm at the ICCC course just finishing up Company Phase. I'll be heading to Ph2 in March. As some may recall, there is a Tactical Analysis assignment in ICCC, and as I just read Not A Good Day to Die, I figured I'd examine TF Hammer's frustrations. Specifically in the Senior Leadership function, as the Ad Hoc chain of command throughout the theatre must have played a signficant part in the confusion.

Up front I will say I have little knowledge other than what is written in one book, and a few side comments from my classmates who have been in AFG since. Anyone that can help me aqcuire some additional data and especially any former TF Hammer fellows, I appreciate your input. I hope to shed some light on a significant problem I have experienced, micromanagement due to technological advances and tunnel vision (predetator fed TOC bubbas running a show thousands of miles away). Much obliged. Please PM me as necessary.


The Reaper
11-28-2005, 16:01

Understand what you are asking foir and it seems like a worthy cause.

OTOH, we have no idea who you really are, and do not want operators sending analysis to unknowns.

Do not post tactical AARs or analysis here.

Any QPs wishing to help out send a PM to get LL's AKO adress and only send traffic to that address.

Thanks in advance.