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10-31-2005, 00:33
New poster here...I come to this site from www.specialoperations.com, where it is highly recommended. I have searched for the answers to my questions, but could not find them using "national guard officer" and "pcs national guard" as search terms. I've read quite a few posts, too, with no luck.

I am a former Marine intelligence officer. I served four years active duty and one Reserve, and am still a Captain in the IRR, I think (long story). I got out in 1996, and have spent the last 8.5 years in Federal law enforcement, including seven in the FBI and 18 months with another agency to which I recently transferred. I'm 35, in good shape, and looking to join the 19th Group in Salt Lake City (55 minute flight from my current Montana house). I have Airborne and Navy SERE (would that count for SF SERE? - not getting too far ahead here, just wondering) under my belt and a few law enforcement certifications that might potentially be worth something to an ODA - FBI SWAT (100 missions in a big, fucked up city), Firearms Instructor (M4, MP-5, .45, Glock, 870, M-14), Tactical Tracker, Crisis Negotiator, EMT, Tactical Instructor (Street Survival), DEA Clandestine Lab, WMD HAZMAT Tactical Technician, Rappel Master, Tactical Helicopter Crew Chief, Scout Sniper, and some other not-so-cool schools.

If I affiliate with the Utah Guard and the 19th specifically, and I get to go to SFAS, that is done TDY...then, I assume I come back home and pick up the Q Course later? Or would I stay in Bragg and wait for the Q Course? I understand there is a long gap sometimes, so I assume I go back to civilian life while waiting for a seat.

Now, for the Q Course...does my family PCS with me like AD soldiers, or am I TDY for the whole thing? Anyone sort of sketch out how the pipeline works for NG officers as far as gaps, active duty time, etc? I am trying to figure out what I may have to tell the wife and the job...

Another question - I saw an add for SF Warrant Officers on the Colorado NG site, and I am guessing there is no way to do that without being enlisted SF first. Correct? I would be happy to be a "career captain" if I could...

Finally - any other Guard/Reserve options I am missing, like maybe a CI group or something similar? Trying to avoid Big Army stuff - my years in SWAT made me more interested in small unit type work.

Thank you in advance for the advice.

10-31-2005, 01:00
Tried using "activation" in my search and found that SF Q Course is a PCS move for activated Guardsman...sound correct?

The Reaper
10-31-2005, 09:43

You need to talk to a 19th Group recruiter who deals with officer accessions. Try calling the Group S-1. As an AD SF officer applicant, you would be SOL because of your year group.

SWCS will pretty much train anyone who the Guard sends and meets the requirements.

The two processes are separate.

AFAIK, you would have to drill with the NQPs till they are satisfied with your skills, then TDY to Bragg for SFAS. You would return for the SFQC 18A track, which with language training, would mean that you would be at Bragg for at least 9 months, if you are given credit for SERE.

Once you were qualified, you would return to your unit and BPT spend several months at the time deployed for the forseeable future. If you do not have a job that will let you do that, you may want to consider another line of work.

You will not be an SF Warrant Officer (180A) without a significant amount of time as an SF enlisted soldier.

There are a number of support jobs in an SF Group, but all require MOS qualification in those jobs.

Good luck. Let us know what the recruiter says.


10-31-2005, 15:30
Thank you...made contact with the recruiter and the ball is rolling. We'll see what shakes out.

10-31-2005, 19:17
Not quite sure your family PCSs with you, although I have seen it both ways. I've seen Officer Track also go SFAS then direct to SFOQC. If you have a language (including if you took it in high school and/or college) and can test out you will get credit.

Depending on your SERE level training (Brunswick?) you can petition USAJFKSWCS for constructive credit for that as well (although there may be some form of abbreviated or full-length Camp Slappy you will have to attend).

Be prepared to do a long Active Duty for Training to get through the pipeline. One friend of my brother's Oakland police academy class enlisted for the Full Monty as a California Guardsman under REP-63 for Infantry One Station Unit Training (OSUT), jump school, SOPC, SFAS, SFQC, Camp Slappy, language, and a year in Afghanistan. When he got back his wife said that was enough and he is back to policing.

When I was a Guardsman in Texas in a Ranger LRRP Company we had quite a few guys that commuted by air to drill. One of my SFQC classmates got out as a Major, joined US Customs, and is now a big deal in both the Guard as a Group DCO and in Customs.