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10-25-2005, 18:52

I recently attended some training with a retired FBI agent who had served in 8th SFG back in the day. He was a really good guy with some great stories (and damm good shot as well).
Several of us wound up doing a coin check. Fortunately the gentalman did not have an 8th SFG coin and bought a round of drinks. However I want to rectify that as he is a very good dude. Is there a place that currently makes an 8th SFG coin?
I think it would mean allot to him if I can find one.

The Reaper
10-25-2005, 19:01
I would start with the SF Museum.


QRQ 30
10-25-2005, 19:20
Out of curiosity, what is his name? I was in the 8th in 70-71.