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09-28-2005, 23:35
I am curious to how the SF NCO career path compares to that of the rest of the Army, I write this not because I'm trying to see were I'll be in ten years if I became SF but just just because I want to see how SF is relation to the rest of us in the Army. For example, in my mos you won't even be considered for E-7 unless you have done some special duty assignment such as recruiter, drill sgt., or instructor. In addition to this, half of a persons career in my mos's is spent outside of their MOS in additional duties such as training, a.g., or staff positions. I just want to see how much of your career in SF is actually spent on a team doing your job and not in training or additional duties? Also, how does this all play in your promotions and assignments later on. Thanks for any info and I apologize ahead of time if this is something thats been covered before.

09-29-2005, 06:09
Each individual's assignments are different. Your rank when you get out of the Q course can impact you team time. Job requirements at the Company or Battalion level can also impact team time.

The team may be the tip of the spear but it doesn't get the job done without everybody else behind them.

Those who come into SF with other reasons that "the job" have a hard time when the day in and day out of "the job" hit home. That Green Beret looks cool sitting on the guys head in the poster but it's a little harder to keep it on your's if your hearts not in it.


09-29-2005, 08:28
What Pete said!! I always looked at a new job as a learning experience.
1. DI OPS SWC&S. You have any idea what it takes to run the school?
2. Group S-3. Working with BN. and Co. to plan a CONUS FTX?
3. How much lead time do you need to schedule a jump?

The Group wouldn't be anything without the "TEAMS" and the "TEAMS" wouldn't get anything done without support.


09-29-2005, 11:51
I didn't mean to offend anyone or to say that doing these other jobs was a bad thing, I was just curious to how the assignments work and how it effected your career. I've enjoyed the chance to do new things in the Army and think its one of the best things about my job as you do to.

09-29-2005, 12:35
I've never really considered the Army as a career per se, but if I did I would say SF is a good career move. Stay on a team long enough and SWCS will reel you back for a tour, also you may have to rotate to the B-team or Bn Ops eventually. These days DA won't normally pull you out of SF for DI or recruiter duty. But Pete is right concerning support guys... teams ain't even getting to the range without support personnel. Alot of guys stay on teams, goto SWCS for a bit, and come back to a team. Some guys never come back to Group and opt for the "easy-8" 1SG job in the " regular Army". To each his own.

But since you're in Cove stop by the SF recruiter on Ft. Hood and they can answer all your questions. Unless they've moved they are down the street from Phantom Bowling Alley. How do I know? I used to be an SF recruiter there! So that plus my NCO academy cadre stint should let me stay on a team for a while... which is were its at. My 2.